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First NY Musical Theatre Audition...

First NY audition…

Bear with me here…4 magic hats (beer) and a long LONG day…

I know there is a lot of firsts being posted on my blogs nowadays but it’s a new world here in NY with too many opportunities to take and not enough money and time to keep up.

Ok…so if any of you have ever seen the movie “a chorus line” think massive people trying out for maybe 8 available roles. Yup that was me today.

I forgot yesterday to print out my resumes so this morning as I was warming up my voice and getting ready for the day I also made sure to get directions to the nearest Kinko’s. I arrived into the city with the idea that I would be at work by 1pm. Ya know, sign up at 9:30am and then get a time slot and be outta there and back to the office. Well…I arrived to the 4th floor and saw a long line of people, I made sure to make my way to the man who looked like he knew what he was doing and sure enough I found an old UM alumni Lindsay assisting him. So I go to sign up at 9:40am and already my name was put on the alternate list and not just that…number 36 of the alternate list. They were doing the auditions 9am-5pm with a one hour lunch break…poor poor new york musical theatre festival casting people…but then again what about the actors/singers aka ME? Well…I waited being hopeful and thinking maybe some people won’t show so they get to the alternates to fill in time slots. OK….long story short. I waited all day. Called in Sick around 12pm and waited. Luckily the Where Eagles Dare theatre nearby had a piano and rehearsal space that wasn’t being used by anyone and I went and said hi and got to warm up and use the room for a little bit. (We have been rehearsing there for Bubby’s Shadow for the past 5 weeks) Ok so….around 3:30pm they tell us that they are running 30 minutes behind and instead of the 8 resume/headshots and 32 bars/measures of music they originally asked for they now started asking us for only 6 headshots/resumes and 8-16 bars. I only brought 32 bars, a quick 32 bars but still….I wasn’t sure if I was going to have prepared music. And….now it’s 4pm and she’s now telling us that they will take the first 20 alternates. I was like number 32 on the new list…I was still hopeful. Sure enough as people left thinking they wouldn’t be called….she came back and said she would take 5 more names…it’s now 4:40pm. Then she comes back and says the last 3. So..needless to say I took a sick day and missed a whole day of work for nothing. Well…except that I saw some old UM Alumni at the auditions and it really was good to catch up with them. At 5pm I left my 8 headshots/resumes with business cards stapled on the piano for the casting director & my friend Lindsay. Just so my trip there wasn’t totally wasted. 

But…let me tell you what, the next audition I take for a musical I am making sure I have a time slot and or can take the day off and afford the long haul. 

I learned a lot today and it felt good being around musical theatre folk. :)

p.s. Did i mention people were there at 6am to audition...?

-All the best!

Amada Manada

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Amada's First July 4th in NYC!!

So, Gene said he was coming to visit for July 4th. Yay!

My schedule has just been extremely busy, waking at 7am catching the bus, the train, subways, and then walking through Grand Central to get to my office by 9am. Leaving at 5pm to take the shuttle to Times Square and then walking to our rehearsal space and having rehearsal from 6pm-10pm sometimes a little later then rushing to the subways and trains and busses to get home by 11pm/11:30pm and in bed by midnight. It’s been this way for the past few months but the outcome of all the hard work will make up for my tiredness.


But let me backtrack just a few more weeks to the weekend before he comes to visit which was June 27th. Our fundraiser for Bubby’s Shadow was originally scheduled to be for Wednesday June 25th from 6pm-9pm and was then moved to a Friday evening which actually worked out a lot better for us and the Friday Happy Hour crowd. The stage manager Krista since she has a car came to meet me in Queens to pick up my equipment and we moved it to the pub, where we stored it overnight for the next day. Basically the fundraiser was quite a success. I hosted karaoke using the speakers from the bar and was able to plug into all upstairs monitors. I started plugging in and getting sound ready after leaving work early and at 4:30pm we started decorating and setting up. We had a silent auction and I was asked to donate my website designing skills for it, we also had a raffle and of course free appetizers for the first hour of the fundraiser. Well we started at 6:15pm or so and it went on all the way till 12:45am. Which is great because the deal with this bar is, we can use the space for free as long as the bar makes $500. We raised about $1000.00 which is pretty good. It was a good time. But I was exhausted from working all night then hosting late then having to travel home. The taxi issue..omg. I don’t even want to go into detail on this but basically a taxi was ordered for me then it never showed, then it did, then it didn’t. I finally just hailed my own and went home using the cash Ramona gave me. I think I got home by 3am that night.


Then the next evening was my first time hosting karaoke in NY at my local pub. I was to also plug into their system and use the speakers and tv. I had some issues with my sound board being too powerful and yet the microphones were crystal clear without any music behind them so it wasn’t their speakers. *sigh….Then the bartender was saying that since I was having some issues with the sound quality she wasn’t sure she was going to pay me the number we discussed. I was not happy with that decision so I made sure to include in the conversation that if she wasn’t going to pay me what we agreed upon that I would pack up and leave early. Saturday nights working for George I was making $200 cash. Sometimes more because of tips, so I was not about to back down. Anyways, I started at 10pm and around 11pm I had tweaked the board enough to have decent karaoke. So she said she would pay me $25 less then what we agreed upon and I said that’s fine, but next time I come back it will only be after I’ve talked to the bar owner and we agree on a contract. Because I am not going to work in a place that is not guaranteeing to pay me what we agreed upon. That’s just shady business. So, there was that. Plus the bar owner hadn’t even made flyers or posted in their establishment that there was going to be karaoke. She called me at the last moment saying that she wanted me to bring in flyers. I was busy and couldn’t do that at the last moment. So anyways after the show I stayed for a beer or two and as the evening became almost morning/daybreak the establishment seemed to get seedier and seedier. I hate that feeling, being pawed on by guys and these New York men just say whatever they want and think women are supposed to say Oh thank you for sharing anything that comes out of your mouth. So, I am planning on going to get the rest of my equipment from the bar this weekend. And if the manager decides to post some flyers and actually get this started we can do that but I’m so busy now with the show and working full-time it’s not a big deal.


So then it was a day off on Sunday and then my week started over with all of a sudden stress of money and having my apartment ready for Gene’s visit. I think I cleaned every night I got home, and then Ramona the director & the Andrew the playwright asked me if I could work on the postcard for the show. Which was okay but stressed me out even further. But I came up with something, which we ended up not using anyways but at least the days off helped me relax a little. Next thing ya know it was Thursday evening and Gene’s flight was to arrive at 12:45am at JFK. The plane was delayed some and he actually didn’t get to me until 2am. And we were so happy to see each other we were up till daybreak! Then we slept in and decided to take a train ride to Coney Island.


Coney Island…we woke up in each others arms and well….got ready for the day J Right Mucho??

And we then got on the 3:30pm bus ride/train ride to Coney Island. We arrived probably 2 hrs after the famous hot dog eating competition and even though there was trash everywhere, people were just enjoying their 4th of July off. We walked around the whole place and then decided to get a hotdog from the world famous Nathans hotdog stand, cheese-fries, and a big beer. Ok…I don’t eat red meat….but it was world famous Nathans! I ate almost a whole hotdog on my own. It was delicious, but of course when you don’t usually eat red meat certain stomach issues occur to your body afterwards. My stomach hurt for 3 days afterwards. But it was worth the experience. Then we walked it off a little and went shopping for candied apples covered in coconut and all the sweets they have for real cheap. Then I said before we leave we have to ride a ride!! So I opted for the world famous ferris wheel or the roller coaster. Gene went for the ferris wheel and it was such a beautiful view and we kissed at the top of the wheel…sigh. So very very nice. After that we walked thru Chinatown and it was almost all closed down so we decided to try seeing fireworks by Macy’s. Wow…ok. My first NY fireworks display…forgetting that NYC is full of very tall buildings we basically rushed towards the sounds of the booms and it started sprinkling and yet we found a small crack thru the buildings and I leaned against him pressed against the wall and as he held me and we watched the fireworks I couldn’t have been happier.


Saturday we went to see Rent and then decided since we both love Wicked we would attempt the lottery for the 8pm show and that was just a crazy experience! So many people waiting around to fill out their green card with their names…since we had some time we went to this little Mexican restaurant for guacamole. This place had like 5 different types of guacamole. YUMMY! But Gene thought it best to go and wait to see if his name was called, and no we did not win so we decided to go home early and have our own show.


Sunday was too short of a day because he had to leave by 5pm to catch his 7pm flight. So we slept in and then went to lunch nearby and then waited for the taxi to arrive. I always cry when we say goodbye because this long distance is extremely hard but it’s still worth being together. He completes me in so many different ways and I just feel so blessed that he is in my life.


So this blog has taken me quite long to write…almost 2 weeks just to finish!! I’ve been so damn busy.


The show opens tomorrow night, so tonight is our final dress rehearsal and we have been using small spaces within the Where Eagles Dare theatre company who is also hosting this Midtown International Theatre Festival. Wow, the drama!! I was told last night that one of the venue managers quit because she was sexually harassed by one of the employers or something…the actual theatre we are going to use has it’s own issues within the confines of our show because we have so many damn practicals (lighting that looks like the actor turns the light on), then we have our own props issues. We are just going to have to muck through and use what we have for now. That’s what I figure. Depend on the people who have been there every night and work thru this together. That’s why we are a real production team. I feel so strongly about certain issues but I need to just stay quite and nice about certain things. Sigh…I need to be nice.


I have other issues now with a certain person at my job who has attitude everyday. I feel like people need to just do their thing and leave me alone sometimes….but maybe the answer to people who have their own issues and take them out on other coworkers the lesson is to treat them better then the way they treat you. Because there is no use in feeling upset at work, or upset in anything for that matter. I forgive those who trespass against me, and I will continue to make due with the things that I hold close to me regardless of that negative experience that tries to hound and haunt me.


I’m learning, growing, and experiencing life everyday and am extremely proud of my hard work…especially on this show. I got an email from the playwright who said he might have a karaoke gig calling me soon. Right in the city, every week for that matter. Which would definitely be a nice asset to all the other gifts in my life. But I won’t push for it just yet, the hard part is not quite over, I’m still walking uphill.


Always true to myself and hope others can be as well,

Amada Anderson


Check out: www.bubbysshadow.com




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www.bubbysshadow.com Check It Out!




Ok. So I got better and then went right back to working 9-5 and rehearsals from 6-10pm. I really am doing pretty good up here I think. My office is just the shuttle away to Times Square and a few blocks to most of our rehearsal spaces. Did I mention that this new show I am working on I am Assistant Directing and it’s in the same building as the 1st show I worked on just one floor up? Small world! I really am quite happy cause I am meeting new friends and just being in NY is the best thing that’s happened for/to me.


So…according to the headline of this blog, yes, I designed the new website for the upcoming brilliant production called “Bubbys Shadow” which was written by Andrew Rothkin and is being Directed by Ramona Pula.  Please check out the website to see the brilliant cast and crew and if you’re here in NYC come join me for the Fundraiser on June 27th and the show July 18th!! This show is really touching and funny. Recently for the show some of us went to an actual Kabbalat Shabbat Service (Jewish Temple) and it was the most wonderful experience!! I mean when I sing I feel like I am in touch with God, because I am a spiritual person and it has always been that way for me. Even when I was younger in Choir I really would get into the gospels and Hymns we learned to sing. Anyways, we were all a little nervous about entering the temple because none of us were Jewish but we wanted to learn. So we were welcomed in and we sat down somewhere towards the back and I am used to basically trumpets going off and people having to stand when the priest enters because I grew up catholic but it didn’t start off that way here. They began by quietly singing a song and even when people were still coming in it was like all of a suddenly out of nowhere everyone was singing. Like that one song was the beginning of a wonderful evening ahead. The service basically was all singing and worship. There were moments when we had to stand and turn around and face the back of the temple and stuff but it was just nice to hear people speaking different language and being swept up in the moment not knowing what was going to happen. But my favorite part was the unexpected dancing!!! All of a sudden people were clapping and dancing and we were asked to join and kick up our heels and we were in a very long line wrapped like a pretzel around the church. Wow what a ball! And afterwards we decided to go out for dinner and a drink and it was so nice to be with people eating. I mean eating is naturally a social event and when you live alone you get used to being alone eating but it’s just so much nicer to have conversations and laugh.


So anyways the show is going really well and I’m doing great! Trying different foods and restaurants and beer. My favorite so far is Magic Hat #9 it’s like a blue moon but lighter. YUMMY! At production meetings my director always buys a few beers for afterwards and we enjoy our magic hat. J


Oh! And Gene is coming to visit me on July 4th for the weekend! We have to go see fireworks because last year was most magickal spending it with his friend Justin and his family so since he’s in NY there’s a few places we can go to and since we both wanted to go to Coney Island before they close next year we are going on Friday July 4th for Fireworks and maybe ride some rides & I’ll watch him eat hotdogs although yesterday I saw turkey hotdogs with the works at a stand so maybe I’ll have one. And sometime during Saturday we are going to see Rent. I don’t know if we’ll make the matinee or the evening show but it closes on Sept 7th and since Gene won’t be back to NY till his Birthday middle of September we have to go see it. It has special meaning for us since I was singing seasons of love when we met.


And that’s about all for now, I have rehearsals every night except Saturdays and pretty soon I will be hosting karaoke at a local venue in Middle Village. I start June 28th! Woohoo!


Oh, I guess I could mention the fact that Gene and I have been discussing going on a cruise to Europe & then the possibility of him moving here shortly after but how about I leave those details as the year comes to a close.


_Wicked Grin




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Well…I thought it was Strep

I recently came down with a horrible awful sore throat and if you know me, my voice is my instrument, my tool to express myself and when I lose it I am the most weak and pathetic thing extremely vulnerable and upset and I cry. Well last week after returning home from a wonderful vacation seeing friends and family for my birthday I came down with a fever Thursday evening and my throat was extremely raw. I know when I’m sick…my whole body breaks down. So of course Friday morning I got up ready to go to work but knew that I couldn’t concentrate so I went ahead and stayed home and figured I would sleep it off. Well all of Friday I did sleep and I sweated out some of the fever but I knew we had 2 more shows to go for the Marathon Series A at the Ensemble Studio and I couldn’t call in. So, I got dressed and took myself to the theatre. I could hardly concentrate even for the 2 hrs but I got through it and got myself home where I promptly passed out. Saturday morning I awoke with horrible white spots on the back of my throat, couldn’t swallow, and my gums were bleeding and extremely sensitive. The softest touch made them tear and bleed. I was scared…but I made myself go to the theatre and work the show that afternoon since it was the last one. I got some soup along the way but couldn’t chew anything because of the swelling of cold sores on my tongue and cheeks. During the show my friend Alex suggested I go to the clinic in the city around the corner and get seen. I had no energy for that so I took the information he gave me and went back home. But I did text my landlady who works as an hospital administrator and she had some antibiotics she brought me so I could take to get better. I took one Saturday night and promptly passed out early that night. Sunday morning I made myself go to the store for Chloraseptic spray, Listerine, cough drops, milk, eggs, and soups! The guy at the counter was like….soooo what are you concocting here?? I couldn’t speak so I just quietly whispered that I had a sore throat. I mean talking feels like razors are being drawn at the back of the throat. I felt so bad because I was supposed to have hosted karaoke this Saturday at PJ Quinns but I couldn’t due to the fact that I was ill but luckily she is very understanding bar owner and just told me to get better. Thank you for understanding Nulah. Ok. So here comes Monday, which I am not going to work and since I have been sick since last Thursday I decided to make sure I go to the clinic. I got myself together, extremely dizzy and weak, haven’t really eaten since last Thursday and I got on the bus, the subway, and walked myself to the clinic where they tell me to register and then…tell me that it’s going to be $125 per initial visit because I don’t live in the city. I live in Queens. Bastards. But I told them I could only pay $50 since I didn’t have much in my account. Plus I missed getting my check for this last week due to me being sick Friday and Monday, so I paid and I was in so much pain! The guy was nice but he tells me that the next walk in visit isn’t until 5:45pm it was only like 11am when I got there. It was the straw that broke the camels back….I just started crying. I couldn’t help it. Here I am, new to the city, new to getting any kind of medical attention, extremely dizzy and in pain on a scale of 1-10 a 9 and they are asking for so much money that I don’t have and the next appt isn’t until they almost close. I was to stay there all day and wait to be seen. So I paid the $50, and waited in the clinic. Around 1:30pm the nurse called me in to see my status and turned out I had a fever of 101.3, my blood pressure was high, and apparently a quick strep test proved it wasn’t strep but I knew it was something. She then told me I should come back around 4:30pm or so to be seen at 5:45pm just in case they end up being able to see me earlier. So, I was a little hungry and thought I could maybe go get some lunch, some soup or something nearby. I went to this Mexican restaurant and ordered the Caldo and waited. It wasn’t that good but it was okay enough to eat cause it was warm. I then went back to the lobby and waited and watched the Disney movies they had on the tv’s. Before I realized it they called me in, 2 hrs before they were meant to see me. They checked me to see if I was pregnant, she gave me prescriptions for antibiotics, and ibuprophen and a gargle rinse if my mouth doesn’t clear up after finishing the antibiotics. So, I felt better but it was now a whole day gone, I was tired and weak and I went to get my prescription filled at a nearby place. Then I went straight home and once more passed out. Tuesday I figured it best to stay home again so that the meds can take effect and clean me out. Then Wednesday I came into work and although I feel like an old lady eating my food/soup really slow it’s better sometimes I think to get outta the house when your sick and try to get back to normal instead of wallowing at home in self pity and anguish. So thank you mom and dad and Gene and my sister for listening to my anguish and caring for me from afar. Oh! And of course thank you to my wonderful landlord for brining me antibiotics on short notice and caring if I live or die. LOL. Great people my landlords. Ok…now I’m off work. It’s Friday night and I’m going straight home to relax and probably go to bed early. I hope everyone is well and taking care of themselves. Love u guys!!




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My Birthday Weekend!

Wow! Have you ever had that feeling that your life was puzzle pieces and certain things just seem to fit and come together? That is how I am feeling right now. I’m officially 27 living in NY with not many friends here but definitely know that I have friends and family in Florida who support and love me for who I am exactly the way I am. Thank you! THANK YOU! This past 3 months was extremely difficult, having to start over but with your love and support I have blossomed and am now finding my roots.

Friday I flew in around 11am and met Gene at the airport. I surprised him with a new hair color and a few other things that I can’t quite mention in a blog ;) We drove from Ft. Lauderdale to West Palm Beach to see my family. We met my parents for lunch at Perkins and then Gene and I went to the house to unpack. My mom cooked dinner for us chicken, rice, and beans and Jane and her 3 grandchildren came over and she cooked flour tortillas! YUMMY! My niece Allison had just gotten her drivers permit and she wanted to drive me around and we let her drive us to go pick up my other niece from middle school. Madelyn had just finished a production of Seussical JR and I was dying to see her show. So that night we (Mom and Dad, Allison, Madelyn, the 3 grandchildren, My best friend Ebonye, Jane, Tia Ramona, and Gene) watched Madelyn’s play, sang karaoke, and then watched the finale of House and then we all promptly passed out around 11:30pm.

Saturday we got up and had breakfast with Uncle Frankie, Samantha & James (Sister), the girls, and afterwards Gene and I drove to our hotel. Where we got to spend some quality time together eating snacks like fruits and veggies and just hanging out. We went to dinner around 8pm and we were going to go out to meet some friends at seven seas when we were overcome with exhaustion and had to go back to the hotel for a nap. Well the nap turned into an early evening and it was fine. I was just happy to be back in his arms.

Sunday morning/afternoon we arose and went to the store for some groceries and then afterwards we went to pick up Gene’s parents to go to his sister Nancy’s. Gene was really nervous because today was the day his parents were going to finally meet my parents. He was extremely worried that all things that could go wrong would go wrong but I told him to just relax because my parents are the most amazingly patient people who love him and will accept his family. Well…we got there and most of the food had been prepared. Gene’s mom had cooked Fried Rice, Veggie Dishes, Egg rolls both Chicken and Banana, and then his sister’s husband was grilling turkey/beef hotdogs, turkey/beef & cheddar patties, Rib eyes, and corn on the cob. Nancy had to buy another table just to set all the food out. So, my parents arrived a little earlier then expected but everyone got along tremendously and even though Nancy and Tim didn’t eat with us at the table they were wonderful hosts. I was so touched that they all had had done so much for me!

Now if any of you really knew me, you would know that I do not eat Red meat. I don’t eat beef or pork. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 19, but on Sunday May 25th Tim had cooked those Rib eyes and I couldn’t stop looking at them. We were all eating and chit chatting and next thing I know….I spoke up and said “I think I would like to try the rib eye” the whole room got extremely quiet and my parents looked up and Gene’s mom who has always gone out of her way cooking for me these past 3-4 years I’ve eaten with them quickly started cutting her meat, my parent’s mouths dropped wide open, Gene’s eyes popped out of his head, and Nancy yelled from the kitchen “what did she say?!” My mom quickly got her camera out and started video taping me, and next thing you know there was a piece of meat in front of me and I opened my mouth and took a bite. And even though it has been almost 10 years since I had eaten meat it still tasted how I remembered it would. It was extremely rich and juicy. I enjoyed it, but you know how these things are, I don’t think I missed it so much as to want to do that again it was just one of those things.
Then after we were all extremely full the Oreo cookie ice cream cake was presented and I was sung to and asked to blow out candles and with Shane’s help we got them all out. As well as cut the cake together and then we stuffed ourselves again!! After dinner we said our goodbyes and I cried hugging my mom and dad and then Gene and I drove his parents home. We went to the hotel for a nap and shower before heading to Titanic to see my old friends.

Sunday Night: We got dressed and headed over to Titanic. I was a little nervous cause I hadn’t seen some of these people in months, but as soon as we walked to the front door Gene had to move outta the way from all my friends who were waiting to see me. Hug after hug after hug and tonz of new people/crowd falling over for Memorial Day and karaoke has already started and the night after that became just a huge blur. I was so touched that so many of the regulars had come out to see me. Jaime said he changed his flight for 2 days earlier cause he heard I was coming into town, KJ Tony showed up and sang “Amada State of Mind”/New York State of Mind. My duet buddy Mucho put all our duet songs on the sheet and had to bribe the KJ with $20 bucks to keep us in the rotation to sing as well as my boyfriend Gene sang his famous “Hey There Amada”/Delilah and made all the girls ooh and aww and made me cry cause he came down from the stage to kiss my hand. My friend Joe got me a button that blinked and looked like huge lips that read “Kiss me it’s my Birthday”in which people started trying to kiss where the button was placed…on my breasts and I think at one point ended up on my butt where strangers kissed my ass…. And then some people I just didn’t expect to show up did and I was so very touched that so many people went out of their way to see me. Thank you! I don’t quite remember what happened after tequila shots with Carmen and Vanessa but I think I was carried out and taken to the hotel where Gene took care of me.

Monday: Got up with a massive hangover and proceeded to pack my things to go see Boogie Man George to pick up some extra things for hosting karaoke here in NY. It was really nice to see George he really needs my help with the office stuff since I have been gone. So, if you guys are on his mailing list you will more than likely see my name again in the email blasts. Afterwards we drove to the airport where Sal met us for lunch at the airport and then Gene and I said our goodbyes crying and sad.

Overall the weekend was perfect. I had a wonderful time, and being with family and friends is what life is all about. I’m really so very grateful to have been with everyone. Thank you again for coming!!

This week coming up is going to be a little stressful as well…because Series A with the Ensemble Studio Theatre is finishing and the new play “Bubby’s Shadow” is coming up with rehearsals in June and performances in July. I’m assisting directing and will more than likely be designing the webpage for that as well but everything will work out according to plan. I’m quite excited! I also was asked for my availability to host karaoke certain Saturdays in June more than 2 times a month which will be great cause lord knows I really need the extra cash! Sigh…but we shall see. Don’t worry I’ll keep you all posted!!

Once again, I know who you are that care and please know I am truly grateful to have you in my life.

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Busy Busy BEE!

Busy Busy BEE

So, last night was auditions for Bubby’s shadow. It was on the 13th floor of a building that had small rooms lent out to people who wished to use them for auditions or rehearsals etc…

I met the stage manager Krista and we started setting up for auditioners. At first it was kinda quiet but then apparently there was also auditions for another play and an Improv show going on right next door to our space. We had set up chairs in the hallways for people waiting to go in and read, but the audience for the improv show decided to take it amongst themselves to drink our water and sit and wait for the show. That’s fine and dandy…Then there was lost people looking for Yom Kippur and I just kept on thinking isn’t that a Jewish Holiday? And I’m pretty sure it’s not today…then realized that’s the name of the other play having auditions…DUH!
Well at one point it became almost like the play “Noises OFF” because of the doors opening and closing in all the small spaces, including the rest rooms! So my job was to play doorkeeper of BUBBY’s SHADOW. Actors check in with me for their time and I make sure they have appropriate paperwork. Fun, fun…The best parts of the evening I believe would be when Krista the stage manager and I walked to the deli for a soda and snack and this man walks by and whistles/cat calls at us saying how he really liked big girls and keeping it real. WHATEVER! Although I was somewhat flattered but not really cause most men are pigs walking down the street saying whatever comes from their mouths.

So after the auditions we went out for a drink and to have a production meeting. Talked about the characters and potential actors playing them. It was nice.

Well somewhere along the way I got recruited to sing at the charity event! I don’t know the theme or anything but I said I would perform if they needed it. Why not? I also volunteered karaoke services for charity. The playwright Andrew sounded very excited about all of that and is looking forward to putting me into work right away. WOOHOO. My first NY stage experience will be singing for a charity, maybe I can get someone to record me?

Otherwise today I have been extremely exhausted….I went to sleep around 2am because we stayed out till 11pm then I got off the train/subway at 12:30am then I couldn’t wait for the bus because it would probably be another hour anyways so I hailed a taxi. $10 bucks later I was home. I ate and lied down and talked with Gene who is stressing out/excited that I am coming home. Then this morning the 4, 5, and 6 trains were down!!! Made me be 25 minutes late to work because I had to take the M, N (transferred 2 times) Q, to Times Square where I then took the shuttle to Grand Central. It was crazy!

And then yesterday I had missed breakfast and was extremely hungry, so I stopped and picked up a bagel and chocolate milk. Well when I got to the revolving door, there were lines of people all grabbing bagels, orange juice, coffee, danishes, and cookies. Man was I mad that I had spent the $5 bucks on food when there was all that food there….well you know what I did right? LOL I went upstairs dropped off my stuff and brought down co-workers and we got some extra grub. Yesterday was an okay day. Today I just hope I don’t pass out moving the set.
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Happy Tuesday because it's my Friday!

So, tonight was opening night for our marathon production series A. The first short play is maybe 15 min long & basically it's 3 songs long & some dialogue. It's called soul searching & its short & sweet story about a brother & sister who reincarnate & meet again in limbo to reincarnate again in another lifetime on another planet but get sent to earth not their favorite planet called Felicity. One song in particular I loved because I think it's the perfect audition song is this French medley about being in Paris & her baker boyfriend. Well I mentioned to the musical writer the other night that I loved it & today he brought me a copy! So generous! Yay! New song :) So, I have a new piece to work on fresh from NY off off Broadway & when I start auditioning I will most definitely have that gem piece that's not been heard a zillion times. Woohoo!

Last night the show basically ran pretty smooth otherwise & then directly afterwards we had champagne in real glasses! (It was opening night) I had just one glass/flute & had to go. Because my bus stops running after 1230am & I'm so tired! But tomorrow evening I have the night off & I plan on catching up on some zzzzzzzz & of course House since I missed it last night. At luckily at least I got in 10 after 10pm and made Medium! Yay! I was happy about that.

Thank u NBC.com for allowing me to see missing shows.

So my plans for tonight are to bake some chicken, kick back and catch up one some emails and then go to bed early. I need to bring lunch for this week because this buying lunch @ $10 a day is for the birds....(if u read the blog before last that was kinda funny huh? *snorts dorky

Hope all is well with the rest of u.

Monday Monday...thankfully it's over. Happy Tuesday Everyone!
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Oui Oui is French for Yes, no?

So Saturday I had 2 shows to do. 2pm & 7pm at least I got to sleep in till 930am. Apparently there was a street fair making my bus take a different route & a little longer to get to my train station. Then the trains were under construction so I had to reroute & go 2 stops farther away to take the E express to Manhattan. So then I got into the city but ended up getting off the wrong station so I had to take a taxi to the theatre & then I was still 10mins late. But no biggie. The matinée flew by & in between I met a new friend Alex. He's a classical guitarist & singer & we went to grab food & come back to run thru transitions (because he's new & needed to know what set pieces get moved etc...) so after lunch I pulled out my laptop to update my blog & such but I ended up opening some karaoke files so he & I could sing. We had fun! I miss everyone in Miami. *sigh
so anyways break was over & it was time to run the 7pm show. Done. After I was ready to go home but Alec the other a.s.m. Was gonna walk with me to the train station but we ended up stopping at a French restaurant because Alec said he wanted to just see what it looked like & when we walked in the man started spouting French! Turns out he had lived in Africa a short spell & picked it up. He was talking to the owner & waiters in French & then he ordered us wine. A carafe of wine, sometime during the evening the waiter when he left gave us a half a bottle of brandy 80 proof & they passed around a punch bowl of sangria that had fruit pieces in it. Yum! So we had too much to drink & some of the lobster from some guy next to us. Don't ask!! But it was fun. I had to take a taxi home cause the buses stop running after 1230am. But I would do it again. Alec is fun. We ended up meeting this lady who runs a summer theatre company. I would love to do something like that but I'm already booked. I'm surprised I even had time to start the laundry, go to the store, and make it to the theatre tonight to work. It's all good. Gravy baby gravy....

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Blessings of little wings...

So the other day I was awaiting the bus...having seen 1 bus go by & thought I had almost missed it...This woman whom I talk 2 every once in a while starts coming over & right as she gets there I felt something wet fall on me. Apparently I was being blessed by the passing of little wings....she said it was lucky. I said yea okay. Got on the bus & headed to work. Well as luck would have (lol) it was my lucky day! The evening before I had received a text message from Taibi (the director from previous show Torrents) that she had given my number to a lovely gentleman called JD who's with the Ensemble Studio Theatre & that they needed ASM (assistant stage managers) for The Marathon which is basically a series of 15-20 plays in 3 months. I had to check my schedule. Yup, I'm free to do it! Woot!

Well shortly there after received news that I was most definitely hired for The Midtown International Theatre Festival for a show called "Bubby's Shadow". The new position is Production Assistant/Assistant Director/House Manager.

Also, the bar owner of PJ Quinns a local pub in Middle Village called & said they wanted to start karaoke @ the end of the month rotating Saturdays.

I'm so excited!!

So I feel really blessed that I now have 2 theatre jobs, a place to host karaoke & a full-time job!

I am so happy.

So, to celebrate I went & redesigned my entire web page & blogger blog template. Feel free to take a look if I haven't made you look at it already.

www.amadaanderson.com or www.amadaanderson.blogspot.com


I've decided to enclose some of the html coding below in the blog so if your too lazy to go to my new fabulous website then you can come support me here in NY and all my new adventures. Isn't that nice of me?

Also it seems that I am coming home for my 27th Birthday! Yay! My mom comped half my ticket & Gene's parents are gonna meet mine finally. And if anyone wants to come hang out with me come see me Saturday May 24th 11pm-3am @ Hooligans (across from Dadeland mall & on US-1)for a karaoke b-day bash! It's funny cause if u remember last year it was a big going away to NY B-day party & now it's a visiting Miami party.

Good times...good times :p

oh! The shows about to start....Time to move the set...muah!


Assistant Stage Managing/Running Crew for Series A, Opening May 8th-May 31st!! See www.ensemblestudiotheatre.org for more info...

Also, currently assisting with the Midtown International Theatre Festival as Producer's Assistant/Assistant Director/House Manager for Bubby's Shadow. See www.midtownfestival.org for more info...

And after only 3 months working as a temp in New York She was recently invited to work full-time with PRC-Management as an Admin. Assistant.

Join Amada The Broadway Diva for Karaoke!

Please click here to see more info.
Want to hire KJ/DJ Amada for private karaoke parties or corporate events? Please call (305) 661-0679 or email george@boogiemangeorge.com.Click here for word document to print and fax for your event & to book Amada.

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Neon Signs To Light My Way

So my supervisor Rebecca pulls me aside and asks me to accompany her to the conference room. She’s not holding any files and to be honest I haven’t really had a full 5-minute conversation since I started working here. So she begins by telling me that she and Minnay (the human resource manager) and David (the owner) have had a meeting about me and have come to the agreement that they like me and could use me here at PRC Management if I choose to come on board with them. So she asked me my plans, and asked me why I moved to NY and since I’ve been here I have come to the conclusion that I really do need to start working just regular job stuff to make money and start paying on my student loans. I know responsible?? Who does that?? But it’s good to get organized. I cant tell you enough how wonderful living in NY is. It’s the place to be and see things before anyone else…I wake up every day and think to myself “I get to see the Chrysler Building today and Grand Central” and should I like anything else here in NY. Sorry getting off topic…So basically she asked if I wanted to continue working here and if so then she would begin teaching training me to do more than filing and regular temp stuff. I was so excited and ya know….when someone offers you a job…It’s one of the most wonderful feelings ever! It’s as good as getting applause for a well-done performance and I would actually say that the two are the same for me. I felt like I could fly! So, then after work I have a meeting with Ramona (director) and Andrew (playwright) who are working on a brand new show called Bubby’s Shadow for the Midtown International Theatre Festival. As I understand it this is one of the first summer festivals in NY, slightly smaller than some but relatively important none the less. Ramona and I hit it off and start talking and checking schedules and basically she made the executive decision to hire me right there on the spot! Andrew was running late due to a train delay from work. But when he got there they decided that they liked me and that we would be working together, except they were also seeing other people for the stage management position but since I have sound board experience from being a Karaoke host for the past 2+ years Ramona thought it best to add that to my list of possible opportunities that may arise from other candidates. I am so excited! Oh…and how ironic is this that when I asked where the show was going to be held, she told me that it was going to be at the Barrow Group Theatre. That is the same building that I just worked at for “Torrents”. So I asked her if it was the big theatre or small one…she said small one….and to be quite honest….I truly believe that this is fate. First off…the small theatre (if it’s the same one) only has room for one person in the booth and that would be for the stage manager who will run the lighting board and sound board. And if it’s not the same theatre then it’s like a floor up or down in a different theatre then it’s still ironic that it’s the same building. *sigh

I prayed for a sign. A sign that I was doing what I needed and finding my way and this happened.

The universe doesn’t play coy with me, and I appreciate it, neon signs work just fine and the best part is NY has plenty of them.